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Watch a video filmed in May 2013 by the the Man in Seat 61

Conde Nast Traveler September 2010


Trains are made for stylish intrigue, and none more so than the deluxe Danube Express. Depart in the shadow of Istanbul’s domes and spires and arrive three eventful nights later in Budapest. A perfect film noir.

The Sunday Times January 2008

The Orient Express is romantic, but those vintage carriages have a drawback – our grandparents didn’t expect a shower. Hmm. Glamorous, but your co-travellers might be a little whiffy. Europe’s newest “hotel on wheels”, the Danube Express, promises something more sanitary with en suites.

National Geographic Traveller UK, September 2012

You can’t beat washing off the 35C heat with a shower in your own private, air-conditioned chamber after a day’s excursion. There’s no questioning the elegance of the dining car either and the meals are all cooked from scratch. A turkey roulade with spinach stands out,

The Times October 2012

It’s a stylish way to travel. This is InterRailing for grown-ups: thoughtful, guided, restful. Back in the blissful air conditioning, we eat a fine dinner (food on the train is classic central-European stroganoffs and soups and puddings, wonderful and presented with brio).

EasyJet Magazine Nov 2012

Few track bound journeys rival the Danube Express. Its old-fashioned glamour - replete with fine-dining - is the most comfortable way to enjoy the sylvan delights of eastern Europe as it travels from Istanbul to Prague. After this, your commute is going to feel like squalor.

Wanderlust Dec 2010/Jan 2011


50 Best New Trips for 2011 - The Bosphorus to the Baltic

The Sunday Times September 2008


These days, it's not just reality-TV contestants who go on a long personal journey.

Sunday Telegraph June 2011


Imagine a train journey through time. Crossing cultural, political and religious conflicts spanning not just centuries but millennia.


No, you don’t need to be Doctor Who to take this trip; all you need is a ticket for the Danube Express.

Times Magazine January 2008


Great Train Journeys Setting off on its inaugural trip in 2008, the Danube Express will be the first luxury train in Central Europe. Stylish sleeping cars, a fancy restaurant and lounge bar with pianist tinkling away all aim to bring back old-style glamour to train travel.

Sunday Express October 2010


Our hotel train is taking us 1,200 miles through eastern and central Europe. Four countries uncovered in just three days.

Sunday Express January 2008


Pretend you are Cary Grant or Daniel Craig with a romantic train journey on board the Danube Express, which makes its first journey. A five star luxury hotel train, it will offer itineraries including Prague, Krakow, Berlin.

The Observer December 2007


See Central Europe in style on-board the Danube Express, a new luxury 'hotel on wheels'. Starting in Budapest, different itineraries will whisk passengers into the heart of some of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine Sept 2008


All Aboard the Danube Express. Central Europe's first luxury hotel train departs Budapest for Warsaw on September 1.

Daily Express December 2007


It will be the first luxury hotel train in Central Europe and is iset to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "travel in Style".

Our Journeys

Istanbul to Prague

A 10-day journey combining the Transylvanian West from Istanbul and the Central European with nights hotel accommodation in Budapest.

Central European

A 4-day journey to Europe's Imperial cities and palaces. See the Festetcis Palalce, one of Hungary's largest palaces, plus Schönbruun in Vienna, Bratislava Castle and Wavel Castle in Cracow.


Transylvanian East

A 4-day holiday journeying from the banks of the Danube to the shores of the Bosphorus encountering the stunning scenery and ancient architecture of Transylvania and rural Bulgaria along the way.

Transylvanian West
The Transylvanian West Picture New Alt

A 4-day holiday journeying from the shores of the Bosphorus to the banks of the Danube encountering the stunning scenery and ancient architecture of rural Bulgaria and Transylvania along the way.

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